Hi all!
This is Leigh-Anne, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’m a psychologist, relationship coach, and breathwork teacher based in Los Angeles.

The most important work that I do during the week is one-on-one deep dive sessions with clients where I combine therapy, coaching, and breathwork together. We break old relationship patterns, heal mother and father wounds, and move towards healthy, happy relationships. Reach out if you need support.

I specialize in higher level relationships: Conscious Relationships and Divine Union.

Substack has been a newer exploration for me, and I began to post longer form articles here in October 2023. What a welcome reprieve from the 2200 character limit of IG.

The earlier posts I made here were just posts brought over from Instagram. I like the idea of compiling all of my writing in one place.

As of now, I do not plan on monetizing my Substack.

I love lots of engagement, especially in the form of comments and discussion. If you don’t want to post a comment publicly, please reach out to me at la@love-evolved.us or DM me on Instagram.

Since I’m new here and building my audience, I would greatly appreciate you sharing any articles that you find compelling - it really helps. And if you have your own Substack, please recommend my writing. I am grateful for you!

All the best,

P.S. Let’s connect. My website is here + my Instagram is here.

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The Higher Path of Conscious Relationships and Divine Union.


I'm a psychologist based in Los Angeles specializing in love and relationships.